Thursday, August 15

Location: NanoScience Technology Center (Research Pavilion-Suite 400, 12424 Research Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32826)
Poster Session, Research Pavilion Lab Tours & Exhibits 5:00 PM-7:30PM
Dinner (Invited guests) - 7.30 PM

Friday, August 16

Location: Harris Corporation HEC 101
Location ID: 116; 4328 Scorpius St., Orlando, FL 32816

Registration and continental breakfast (7.45AM - 8.25AM)


8.30AM – 8.40AM:      Welcoming remarks    Liz Klonoff, UCF VP for Research, Dean  of Graduate Studies

8.40AM- 8.50AM:       NSTC Overview           Lei Zhai                        Director, NSTC

8.50AM-9.00AM:        Goal of NIA                 Jayan Thomas             Symposium chair

9.00AM- 9.10AM:       Technology transfer    Svetlana Shtrom         Director, Technology Commercialization

Session 1:        Talks by invited speakers (9.00AM – 10.15AM)

            9.00AM-9.20AM:                                            Jeff Bullington, Garmor
                                                                        “Industrial Commercialization of GrapheneOxide”

            9.20AM-9.40AM:                                            Georg von Freymann  AG Optische  Technologien und Photonik, Germany

                                                                                             “3D µ-Printing: An Enabling Technology”

             9.40AM-10.00AM:                                          Jason Eichenholz, Co-founder and CTO,  Luminar Technology   
                                                                                             “Building the Vision for Autonomous Mobility”                  

             10.00AM-10.20AM:                                              Dr. Jose Nunez, Chief, Flight Technology Branch, Exploration Research and
                                                                                             Technology Programs Office, NASA KSC.

Dr. Nunez presentation:

•A three minute YouTube video – We are Going – Provides a quick top level overview of going to the Moon

•A 10 minute presentation – Artemis Program (NASA’s new Program on going to the Moon)

•A 10 minute presentation – KSC’s Research Organization, who we are and what we do

Photo session and coffee break (10.35AM-11.00AM)

Session 2:        NSTC faculty technical talks-6 minutes each (11AM – 12.30PM)

1. Debashis Chanda - Turning One Atomic Layer Thick Material into a "Color" Night Vision Camera

2. Lei Zhai - Polymer Nanocomposites

3. Yajie Dong - Luminescent Nanomaterials and Devices

4. Swaminathan Rajaraman - Makerspace Micro/Nanofabrication Technologies for Biomedical and Agricultural Applications

5. Swadeshmukul Santra: ZinkicideTM nanotechnology for crop protection

6. Tania Roy -Electronic devices for artificial intelligence

7. Yang Yang - Advanced Manufacturing of Nanosctuctured Thin-Film Materials for Renewable Energy Devices

8. Arkadiy Lyakh - High Performance Quantum Cascade Lasers

9. Laurene –

10. Akihiro Kushima - In-situ transmission electron microscopy to probe electrochemical and mechanical properties of

materials at nano-scale

11. Jayan Thomas – Fibers and ribbons for wearable energy harvesting and storage devices

12. Nadine (J. Hickman) - Development of human body-on-a-chip system for efficient translational study and missions of

Hybrid System Laboratory

13. Jihua ‘Jan’ Gou - Science and Technology of Buckypapers and Their Composites

14. Masahiro Ishigami - "Advanced prototype and characterization of nanoelectronics devices"

LUNCH: 12.30PM- 1.30PM

Session 3:       Short presentations from industrial affiliates - 8minutes each (1.30PM-3.00 PM)

1. Dr. Aina Olaleye - Ball Aerospace Sensor payload and Geiger-mode Lidar Camera technology

2. Dr. Debasish Banerjee - Toyota Corporation: Lexus Blue car – world’s first structural color based car

3. Dr. Gautam Parthasarathy - GE Global Research: GE K2SiF6:Mn4+(PFS/KSF) Phosphor: Market Leading Wide Color Gamut

Technology & Path Towards Enabling Next Generation Displays

4. Joe Sleppy – Capacitech Energy LLC:

5. Dr. Binh Duong – Urbix:Urbix: Advanced graphite refining technology

6. Isaiah Oladeji – Sisom - Water based chemistry for the fabrication of energy harvesting and energy storage devices

7. Salvatore J. Monte- Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc: The Application of 1.5-Nanometer Heteroatom Titanates and Zirconates

8. Christopher Long- Hesperos: Human 0n a Chip systems for Drug Screening and Toxicity Evaluations

9. Alex Oliferenko- EigenChem Technologies Inc.:

10. Bert Gyselinckx – IMEC: imec and UCF: partners in research

11. John Callahan – BRIDG:

12. Bernd Liesenfeld - Quick-Med Technologies, Inc. : Business Evolution: story of a product commercialization

Coffee break (3.00PM-3.15PM)

Session 4:        Breakout session/Panel discussion (3:00AM-4.00PM)  
Lead – Lei Zhai


Symposium adjourns